SAP Hana

Xtream IT supported a midsize company, which operates in the United States and Canada and processes invoices that total billions of dollars, to successfully implement SAP HANA-Vertex integration. Xtream first focused on the most significant factors: company size, amount of transactions, and the number of countries the company operates in today in addition to the future. To ensure the tax compliance piece was communicating across all business processes and operations, Xtream collaborated with relevant teams, including Master data, Vertex vendor management and Salesforce.

  • Received initial feasibility study to blue printing the entire project.
  • Successfully implemented the tax integration project with SAP Hana Tax configurations, SAP Basis component, SAP ABAP component, SAP Accelerator, Vertex administration/configurations, Vertex master data load, VRA -Vertex Reporting and Analysis, and STR -Sales Tax Return for filing.
  • Existing integrations can accommodate any new operating country into Vertex.